About Us

Tricia’s Dance School, Home of Tricia’s Tots is a dance school like no other!  Trish Bourne has been dancing for over 30 years and she has specialized in teaching little tikes since 1996.  A child involved at “Tricia’s” has the opportunity to try out something new in a comfortable and friendly environment. 


Our mission is to help a child and their family have a positive first experience with dance no matter what age they begin at our school.  We love to share our philosophy of being fair, age appropriate and ethical.  We always try to do right by our students!!

We strive to develop the strongest, healthiest, dancers.  We aim to teach in the class what can easily be used outside the classroom as part of a healthy life style.


We strive to develop each dancer into the best dancer THEY can be. 

It is important to us to help our dancers become the best PERSON they can be.

We think of teachers and parents as teammates.  We keep parents in the loop.

It is our endeavor to make our programs better all the time.

You get more than you pay for.

You don’t pay for what you don’t get.